Our story

The concept of establishing the ELPA Residency in the Latgale region of Latvia originated in the summer of 2023. It emerged from two primary considerations: the end of the Rucka Artist Residency’s operations at Rucka Manor in Cēsis and the dilemma of determining where to continue the residency activities. Additionally, there was the question of what to do with a small natural farm following the passing of its last owner. On one hand, there existed an idea without a physical space, and on the other hand, a physical space that had lost its original purpose. The convergence of these two aspects formed the foundation for the vision of the new residency space, centered around the concepts of meeting point, taking a breath, and transformation. 

The name of the residency is derived from the Latvian word “elpa,” which translates to “breath.” It symbolizes the concept of taking a breath, the act of breathing in and out, and the idea of giving something a second breath. The ELPA Residency Center is a place where artists and cultural practioners from various countries and fields come together. It creates a space for the exchange of ideas, acquiring new knowledge, and implementing ideas that have arisen at intersections.

Ieva Ūbele

Founder / creative producer

Ieva is experienced producer and manager of audiovisual and cultural projects. She holds MA in Social Anthropology from Riga Stradins University (Latvia) and Executive MBA from Bled School of Management-International Executive Development Centre (Slovenia).

Ieva is responsible for the strategic development of the residency, maintaining international relations, development of new projects and attraction of funding.