Aleks Slota (PL/USA/DE)

Performance “Night Creeper”, 2021

For three nights in a row I toured the dark courtyards between apartment buildings in Cesis, Latvia, always maintaining the same route. I walked with a tall wooden staff that had a suspended light which illuminated me from above. I was noticed by people in cars, on balconies, and through windows. In the almost six hours of performance no one approached me except for the police.

Performance “Part-time Patriot”, 2021

Police officer “what are you doing?”
Me “I’m being patriotic”
Police officer visibly confused “you are being patriotic for Latvia?”
Me “yes I am”

For four hours I stood in a power pose by the castle in Cesis, Latvia, proudly holding the Latvian flag, my eyes looking up into the glorious future. A portable speaker played my looped voice singing “paldies” or “thank you” in Latvian, the only word I learned during my stay. When my patriotic shift was over I respectfully rolled up the flag and made my way home.

Performance “Healing Veranda”, 2021

For four hours I healed people in a plant filled veranda, part of a former tuberculosis hospital. The twenty minute healing sessions consisted of a diagnostic phase during which the patient filled out a questionnaire and was subjected to various tests, such as listening to different types of music, or looking into a light while I changed the intensity and color temperature. After a short meditation the cure part of the session commenced. The patient was asked to watch a fractal video while they were first subjected to harsh sounds from a synthesizer, and then a soothing sine wave bath, fluctuating between 55 and 105 hertz.

The lightbox of the performance “Night Creeper” is a documentation – a visual testimony of the event. Photo: Artūrs Lūriņš