Alexandra Krolikowska (UA)

Here Comes The Sun

In the Latvian mythology, the Sun deity becomes of central importance, and finds its manifestation in female form. Saule, a sun goddess in Latvia, for a long time before Christianization of the region was considered as a mother, which we can hear in the song “Saule, Pērkons, Daugava” (based on the text from the poem Daugava by the Latvian poet Rainis, while the musical part is composed by Mārtiņš Brauns):

“Sun was our mother,
Daugava the nanny of our pain,
Pērkons was the devil’s striker,
That was our father”.

Saule is the giver of light and warmth and the controller of human time, and she determines the well-being and regeneration of all life on earth. Thus, representing regeneration as an idea within herself, she could be represented as both, mother and daughter. The artwork “Here Comes the Sun” depicts the archetypal goddess, which solemnly holds the planet Earth in her hands. This is Saule / Sun-Woman, who is raising the world as a child, up to the sun, which is a sign of giving it life and fortune. Moreover, with it she is a young goddess – Saules meita / Sun Daughter who just appeared on the canvas of a mythological narrative, and received the world to take care of it, so she greets it in the sun rays. In the way, how this Christian church requires renovation, and humanistic ideas require regeneration, in the same way the world cries to be healed, and our planet – to be cherished and taken care of.