Andrius Rugys (Lithuania)

During the Autumn residency of 2020 the Lithuanian artist Andrius Rugys met with the local farmers to explore how cows are being kept and looked after, in order to be able to generate a dialog with the local farmers about the sacredness of Cow. During his residency Andrius developed an artistic research project called “Holy Cow in the process”. Within his project Andrius used different techniques and mediums to present the sacredness of the cow – he met with the students of Cesis Music Secondary School and held a sound design workshop and his project presentation in hopes to develop soundtracks for his video research from India, participated in the green lifestyle and permaculture festival GreenFest ’20 in Sigulda, where he held workshops and presented his research, as well as developed different artworks from cow dung during his many explorations at Rucka residency.