Carol Müller (France)

Carol Müller is a visual artist from France. In her artist statement she writes : « Obsessively bound to painting and its synthetic expression, my path as a French visual artist has developed in dialogue with numerous other disciplines. My artistic production is polymorphous; it encompasses drawing and photography as well as installation and new media (video, multimedia installation). Through many artist residency in the north of Europe (Iceland, Norway, Finland, Lithuania, Russia), in quite remote area, I develop a conscientiousness of fragile ecosystem and human challenge. The question of the landscape is the ground of my artistic thought ».  She studied fine art at Strasbourg university, graphic design at École Multimedia and Photography at École Supérieure de l’image, Les Gobelins. Read more about the artist –

About the residency:

“During my stay in Rucka, I was wandering in the wood around Cesis because I know that many secrets of Latvian history are in the woods. The sky was white and the light very difficult for a landscape photographer but the birches trees, so melancholic trees was fascinating me. I start a project call : “White sky for white trees”. But suddenly a person appear in the wood and give a story of this white page. It was Zoja. She is the unexpected guardian of the abandoned Holocaust Memorial that nobody knows anymore in Cesis. So I start to investigate and to give a voice to that still birches trees. “