Tail Bend Travel (United Kingdom)

Established in 2016 by Sophie Mak-Schram and Rubie Green, Tail Bend Travel offers the casually curious traveler a walking experience like no other. Twisting together everything you might like to know about a place and more, Tail Bend will transform the way you view every turning. Sophie Mak-Schram has a background in art history and curatorial […]

Olliemonsta (Spain)

Naza del Rosal Ortiz (Almería) and Juan Rico (Salamanca/Madrid) are Olliemoonsta, an art duo from Spain with a background in Fine Arts and Graphic Design. In 2009 they came together to form Studio Po, an Illustration, Graphic and Web Design studio, which was gradually focusing more on art and illustration creating the duo Olliemoonsta in 2012. Over […]

Juanan Requena (Spain)

Juanan Requena is a creator, photographer & crafter currently based in Nauchipán, Spain. During the last ten years he has been involved into field of photography and visual narrative. He has been making kind of non-stop works based upon the building of personal diaries and also unique artist books. After producing numerous diaries and countless sketches, thousands of […]

Jérémie Jung (France)

Jérémie Jung lives and works in Paris. He holds a bachelor from Strasbourg Fine Art University (France, 2002). After working as a web and graphic designer, Jérémie Jung followed a photojournalism training at the EMI-CFD school (Paris, 2010) where he produced his first photo essay entitled “Roof Investigations” awarded at the “Nuits Photographiques” festival (Paris, […]