Andrius Rugys (Lithuania)

During the Autumn residency of 2020 the Lithuanian artist Andrius Rugys met with the local farmers to explore how cows are being kept and looked after, in order to be able to generate a dialog with the local farmers about the sacredness of Cow. During his residency Andrius developed an artistic research project called “Holy […]

Joaquín Sendino (Estonia)

Joaquin began work on a documentary essay by combining analogue photography with video elements, filmed with 8 and 16 millimeter film. Unfortunately the artist was forced to abandoned the project without finishing it, due to the travel restrictions and limits enforced by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Tim Sullivan (United Kingdom)

British artist Tim Sullivan continued his video project that he had started during ISSP residency in Riga. Tim filmed the natural landscapes surrounding Cesis city, which he plans to complement with scenes from the urban environment of Riga, produced during ISSP residency. Tim Sullivan is a freelance photographer, artist, and lecturer. He has a MA […]

Viktorija Bernotaitė (Lithuania)

During the Autumn residency of 2020 Viktorija Bernotaitė worked on her photography series “Decay” (“Trūdi” in Latvian) inspired by Latvian cultural connection to nature. During this series Viktorija explores the importance of decay in the natural world and the beauty of it. Viktorija with the help of the medium of photography observed that “the beauty […]

Viktorija Eksta (Latvia)

During the residency Viktorija Eksta worked on the creation and development of analogue prints for her long-term photography project “The Devils lake” (Velnezers), which will be exhibited during the Cesis Art Festival in 2021. Viktorija shares that she started working on this project in 2015 – “I got curios to explore the myths and rumors […]

Emily Seville (United Kingdom)

During the residency Emily Seville worked on her project “Dissecting the Specimen” by exploring the physicality and ephemerality of plant matter. Utilizing a range of materials, such as, plaster, concrete, clay and paper, Emily broke down the specimen into its physical components, such as its form and pattern. The purpose of this project is to […]