Artūrs Lūriņš (LV)

During the spring residency Arturs self-taught himself to create pinhole camera and shoot analogue pictures using the pinhole camera technique. The analogue pictures beautifully capture Rucka manor ands Cesis Old Town.

Aleks Slota (PL/USA/DE)

Performance “Night Creeper”, 2021 For three nights in a row I toured the dark courtyards between apartment buildings in Cesis, Latvia, always maintaining the same route. I walked with a tall wooden staff that had a suspended light which illuminated me from above. I was noticed by people in cars, on balconies, and through windows. […]

Charlotte Thömmes (DE)

Selective Blindness, 2021 Selective Blindness stands for closing knowingly our eyes in front of the many challenges humanity is facing at the moment. I started to work with Braille Papers as an equivalent to this feeling. The Cyanotype shows a blueprint, a copy of the natural world while the Braille alphabet reveals an energetic pattern […]

Sabīne Šnē (LV)

Flesh of the Earth, 2021 Earth – the planet we call home – is a multilayered and complex entity consisting of living and lifeless organisms. Soil is a rich natural resource which can be considered Earth’s living flesh and skin. It covers the bedrock, and the processes and interaction of substances within it make life […]


Albert Allgaier, Stefanie Heine, Lena Sieder-Semlitsch (AT)100° Handapparat Imagine a warm social climate – in a sauna, for example, where we are sweating together. Or, further, think about how “warmth” is often demanded as the way out of a society governed by social coldness, i.e. by isolated individuals indifferent and unempathetic towards their fellow-beings. In […]

Ieva Saulīte (LV)

Target <-> Obstacle, 2021 “There are two types of structure. The first is fundamentally aesthetic, the so-called “artistic” structure. The second is the genuinely ”mechanical” structure. In other words, there is a harmful and a useful structure” (Kārlis Johansons, Moscow, 9 March 1992). Playing around with Kārlis Johansons’ remarks on the juxtaposition between the uselessness […]

Rabota (BE/RUS)

Unlimited space related with time. Series of six attractions, 2021 Seeing impossibility for ourselves to erect something in the park, we occupied the park ingeneral and in particular. 9 View to an inaccessible objectReady-made Land art – deepening in the ground where once there was something, we may see the territory freely overgrown with grass […]

Laura Fiorio (IT/DE)

Portrait of Kārlis Johansons In the 1920s, Cesis-born artist Kārlis Johansons (1890–1929) was working in Moscow and infiltrated the Russian avant-garde and constructivist movement. His main achievement was the discovery of the tensional integrity or tensegrity structure. Made of rods, the structure is held together by tensioned cables attached to the ends of the rods. […]

Indra Gleizde (LV/NL)

Talking with | Talking about, 2021 In Latvian folksongs (called dainas) the living world is often addressed in direct speech. Talking with or to creates relatedness and closeness. Yet perhaps the creators of the dainas were onto something. We speak “about” nature, “about” animals and “about” environment. Thus, creating an imagined distance. On the one […]

Vika Eksta (LV)

Ceremonial portrait of Zvaigznīte, 2021 The idea behind the work alludes to the habit of people from diverse cultural backgrounds of displaying representative photos of themselves and loved ones on the walls of living rooms and other spaces where guests tend to spend time. The ceremonial portrait of Zvaigznīte (from Latvian – little star) is […]

Albert Allgaier (AT)

The Søren Kierkegaard Park, 2021 On the 14th of May 2021 the artist Albert Allgaier locked the gates of Rucka park for an indefinite period of time. For the duration of the performance the name of the park was changed to Søren-Kierkegaard-Park. The work is based on the anecdote of the philosopher Søren Kierkegaard always […]

Tjorven Bruyneel (BE)

I see food everywhere, 2021 With my work in open- air exhibition Hidden Treasures I invite people to look for the signs scattered around the park and collect the stories, same way as I found my food during the residency month at Rucka through foraging. By scanning QR codes viewers can unravel a food experience.