Hugo Nascimento (Brasil)

Hugo Nasciemento (1988, Belém, Amazon) is a visual artist, musician, and art-educator. He started his researches of photographic language at 2007 with pinhole cameras and handmade ways. Between 2009-2016 he was at the Federal University of Pará, during this time he contributed to Extension [Hybrids Territories-2011] and scientific projects [Routes of the Image in Contemporary Art-2012-13]. He participated in a lot of exhibitions [Saloon SESC of Contemporary Art, Xumucuís of Digital Art] and residences [LABCLUBE – RJ-Brazil, Materia Gris – Bolivia, Corpus Urbi – AP-Brazil, CopperLeg – Estonia].

In 2015 he won a grant to Research and Experimentation in Art from the Art Instituto of Pará to investigate the hybrid possibilities between mobile images and old process to make copies, which resulted in his first individual exhibition [Technical Inventory X Poetic Invention]. He has also researched in tactical media and video activism, critical cartographies and urban intervention [feat LabCart], and traditional culture, specially as musician, about the Amazon rhythms.

When Hugo applied for the residency his intention was to work on the project called Monument to the Common that aimed applying Soviet graphic technique used to produce posters of leaders to create tributes to average anonymous people. But the idea changed quickly when he came to Cesis and learned about Latvians who were deported during the Soviet occupation. The borders and the individuals became the main question not only regarding the importance of remembering the local history, but also for shedding light on one of the biggest problems in the contemporary society, the human flow, and the national borders. So Hugo developed 4 graphical pieces using interference of big photo­montage and graffiti, which were exhibited on the walls of Rucka walls.