Ieva Saulīte (LV)

Target <-> Obstacle, 2021

“There are two types of structure. The first is fundamentally aesthetic, the so-called “artistic” structure. The second is the genuinely ”mechanical” structure. In other words, there is a harmful and a useful structure” (Kārlis Johansons, Moscow, 9 March 1992).

Playing around with Kārlis Johansons’ remarks on the juxtaposition between the uselessness of art and the utility of mechanical inventions resulted in the creation of new installations out of what were once structures with a practical purpose. Found in a warehouse, the “treasures” were artfully restored and complemented with a mix of the colors used on horse jumping obstacles. The installations act as an assembly of barriers, which upset the romantic and habitual homogeneity of the park. They’ve been given another chance at life, without taking away their existing functionality, and in honor of the manmade and utile auxiliary systems used in construction.