In September Rucka is hosting young French artist Delphine Wibaux



Delphine Wibaux is a young  French artist in residency in Rucka from 11th September  until 10th October  2017. Her works connect up photography, installation, sometimes performance and sound. Living in Marseille, she proposes some pieces of art alone and also duet known as Todèl. 

In Cesis, she is developing the third step of a bigger project began in 2016. This one, located between anthropology, photography and nature, is linked to memory, environment, geography, light, singular and poetic language. 

For this Latvian step, five participants working in biology, medicine and programmation are studying the change of living pictures that she created, which are called Absorptions. Absorptions are made with local photosensitive vegetal emulsions revealed by the sun, then worn by it light. Cesis’ emulsion is in a green shade, according to what she discovered in the area: landscapes to observe and vegetable/mineral to harvest in order to create these pictures. Each Absorption represents the picture of the “place that makes the soul feel clarified” of the previous participant. She walks with everyone to his/her place when this place is reachable. 

The participants observe/study  the change of the Absorption that Delphine gave to them in a creative perspective. This creative perspective can be with words, sounds, performance, other … but no photography, in order to look for an other media/language/writing.

The first two steps of the project happened in France, China and Portugal with participants from an artistic background. After Latvia the project will goes on, discovering other sunning and mentalities, leaving at each leg a little bit more the art world to grasp other ways of doing and thinking. This kind of study could be understood as something between a survey and an enigma. It’s about the missing part, about wear, what we see, what changes in us and around us. 

At the end of the five steps, when each study will be done, when each Absorption will be become a pale yellow monochrome, the artist will collect empty pictures and all the proposals, to prepare an exhibition project with these materials.

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In French : (english version is coming …)

Work in progress









Delphine Wibaux, Head, Suzhou (China) photosensitive vegetal emulsion







 Delphine Wibaux, Lunar Absorption

-CH- photosensitive vegetal emulsion. Picture revealed in 
five sunny days in Marseille, South of France. Then, on the 
upper part, the picture was hidden from the sun. The other part 
has been totally worn by the sun during one month.





Delphine Wibaux, Absorption from Suzhou (China), Shelter – photosensitive vegetal emulsion. Picture revealed in five 
sunny days in Marseille, South of France .Then same process, one
part was covered, the other worn








Above – Delphine Wibaux, Absorption from Suzhou (China) and Singapour, roads and persistance, – photosensitive vegetal emulsion. Picture revealed in five sunny days in Marseille, South of France

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