Installation “Pieturvieta RUCKA”

Rucka Art Foundation in cooperation with NOMAD architects developed a multi-functional installation in Rucka Park, in Cesis as a part of the public arts programme KOPĀ.

The installation Pieturvieta RUCKA serves as a meeting point for multiple generations, thus revitalizing the park surrounding Rucka manor. By carefully selecting materials and construction techniques and implementing the reuse of building waste the installation Pieturvieta RUCKA provides an example of zero waste and circular economy principles in sustainable design and architecture. The main element of the installation is a wooden scaffolding for 5 swings which are joined with multiple seating elements, in a subtle manner creating a multifunctional space.

The installation Pieturvieta RUCKA is one of 10 urban objects developed in Riga and Latvia’s regional cities, as part of the public arts programme implemented by the Latvian Centre of Contemporary Art, financed by the Ministry of Culture.

Photos by Didzis Grodzs

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