Iveta Gabaliņa (Latvia)

Iveta Gabaliņa (ex Vaivode, 1979) is a Latvian photographer who has studied photography at Andrejs Grants’ studio, the Bournemouth Arts Institute and Aalto University in Helsinki. She has received several awards in international photography competitions – the Nikon Discovery Award (UK) and Fresh Faced and Wild Eyed (UK) in 2008. In 2012, her series Somewhere on a Disappearing Path won the C/O Berlin Talents award, and was nominated for the Sony World Photography Awards 2014 and Leica Oskar Barnack Award 2014.

Iveta has been working with personal themes, like in the series Somewhere on the Disappearing Path, created in the east of Latvia – a place once called home by my family. However recently she has shifted towards works of a more conceptual nature, such Polar and My Hand is Warmer than the Sun, which manifests her interest in the perception of time. Her works have been exhibited in photography institutions like Australian center of Photography or CO Berlin as well as featured in numerous festivals around the world.

During her stay at Rucka Iveta took photograph portraits of people who has just came out of sauna, shot in the analogue technique and developed at the b/w photo laboratory of the residency.

To learn more about the artist please visit www.ivetagabalina.com