Jérémie Jung (France)

Jérémie Jung lives and works in Paris. He holds a bachelor from Strasbourg Fine Art University (France, 2002). After working as a web and graphic designer, Jérémie Jung followed a photojournalism training at the EMI-CFD school (Paris, 2010) where he produced his first photo essay entitled “Roof Investigations” awarded at the “Nuits Photographiques” festival (Paris, 2011). Since 2011 he works as a photojournalist for the French and international press and magazines. Jérémie Jung’s personal work focuses on cultural issues about communities in Estonia within the context of post-sovietism era. His works have been exhibited and screened in France (Arles, Vannes and Paris) and Estonia (Estonian National Museum, 2015). He is a member of Signatures agency since 2013.

During his residency at Rucka Residency Jérémie worked on the project called BEHIND THE WALLS provides a glimpse into the everyday life of ten young men incarcerated at Latvia’s juvenile detention centre. Jérémie addresses being deprived of freedom at an age when one should be building a future and just beginning to face the larger world. Jérémie gave the boys cameras and held workshops. Behind the prison’s walls, the boys photographed their everyday life and Jeremie took their portraits. He also took photos of places dear to the boys outside the prison walls. At one point, the prison’s security department unexpectedly asked to review and censor the photos. Using the combination of the three entities – a foreigner, prisoners and the prison system – the series aims at exposing the boys’ claustrophobic intimacy and their dreams of freedom, which are on hold until their release.

Read more about the artist – http://www.jeremie.eu/