Kristine Mifsud (Canada)

Kristine Mifsud (Canada) is an artist from Toronto, Canada. Her work and methodology considers unidentifiable found objects, materials, structural forms and context, or lack of context. Her process is intuitive, embracing the unknowing of the objects that inform her work, and working through the considerations afforded by this not knowing. Kristine received a Bachelor in Visual Arts at the University of Guelph, Canada, specializing in drawing and painting, moving to Japan, Europe and Australia before returning to Toronto, Canada in 2008 where she continued studies in painting at OCADU in 2012.
In 2019 Kristine was awarded grants from the Toronto Arts Council and Ontario Arts Council to produce new sculptural work. In 2017 Kristine received an Ontario Arts Council Project Grant to pursue the practice of pine and birch tar-making, an extension of her interest in materials, and found materials.

During her time at Rucka Artist Residency Kristine continued exploring new processes, including self-produced pine tar. She is interested in exploring her connection to land, through found objects and self-made materials while questioning notions of materials being ‘exhaustible’ or ‘waste’. She is motivated to further derive materials from what already exists, and what exists as ‘spent’ or ‘used’ and relate these explorations to a physical place and time.

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