Life in Motion (2016)

The intercultural dialogue between Baltic and Nordic countries is still rather undeveloped despite the on-going cultural cooperation between both countries, which unfortunately is often available to a limited part of the society (people working in the areas of art, higher education and science). The level of awareness among the general public about the life in the other country is still relatively low and based on stereotypes that all Norwegians are rich and Latvians live on the edge of Eastern Europe and travel to Norway to work in low-paid jobs. To dispel such stereotypes and create a wider picture of what really happens in the neighboring country foundation Elm Media in cooperation with Bergen International Film Festival (Norway) made an anthropological photo book “Life in Motion” available in Latvian and Norwegian. 

The project “Dzīve kustībā” ( “Life in Motion”) was financed by the European Economic Area (EEA) financial instrument LV04 “Preservation and Restoration of Cultural and Natural Heritage”.

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