New artwork revealed in more than 10 places in Cesis as a part of urban exhibition “Art Spa”

The urban exhibition “Art Spa” – an art event with elements of travel – will take place in Cesis starting July 10, 2021. The artworks are located in more than 10 places around Cesis, guiding the viewers around the town and inviting them to get acquainted with lesser-known neighborhoods in addition to enjoying the art.

The theme of the urban exhibition is “Art Spa”, in other words, the art that heals, refering to the history of Cesis as an ancient resort rich in springs and providing spiritual refreshment. The works of “Art Spa” intertwine health-enhancing suggestions, fragments of the history of Cesis and local stories, as well as a dose of healing humor and joy. Some of the works were created in close connection with the history of the town and its inhabitants. This makes “Art Spa” an exciting cultural and historical journey both in the events of the recent past and in the lives of the residents nowadays.

Inga Erdmane and Edd Schouten (NL) have created a video-audio installation and large-format portraits, which herald about the different lives of the residents of Cesis. Seniors’ stories reveal touching everyday details, while video portraits uncover typical living spaces. The work can be viewed both as large-format portraits in the Castle Park around Riekstu Hill and as a video-audio installation in Guards’ house near the art space MALA and as stories in the digital guide.

The photographs of Iveta Gabaliņa artwork “Cold Water” reveal a forgotten, but widely used healing method in Cesis – hydrotherapy in the 19th century. According to that, the affected area or part of the body was sprinkled with cold spring water. The environmental installation is sensitively integrated into a picturesque natural landscape at the start of Cīrulīši Nature Trail.

Paulis Liepa is the author of two wall paintings. One is an abstract painting on a small building on Piebalgas street, and the other, in cooperation with the residents of the building, was created on the wall of an apartment building. Using his “trademark” – dialogue windows or speech bubbles, which contain concepts chosen by the residents of the house, the author creates a localized version of his graphic motif.

In her video work, Katrīna Neiburga plays upon “New Year’s Resolution” style health and spirit care practices. The work is placed in the window of Rucka Artist Residency.

Ieva Saulīte created an environmental object from the unnecessary furniture donated by the locals of Cesis. It resonates with the historic wooden buildings of the town, the eclectic character that can only be seen on longer walks, and is located in the currently empty place where the monument to Imants Sudmalis used to be.

Rvīns Varde has created short stories about various places, buildings and objects of the town of Cesis. The collection of stories that are full of absurdity and humor is scattered all over the town and is an invitation to get to know the different characters of Cesis’ neighborhoods.

The art event with elements of travel “Art Spa” is organized by Rucka Art Foundation, supported by the State Cultural Capital Foundation, Kultūr/elpa, the Ministry of Culture, in cooperation with partners – Cesis Municipality and the Institute for Environmental Solutions.

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