Past residents

Residency 2022

VISUMS is a peek into a contemporary Plato’s cave.

The camera, the enlarger, the eye, all framing shadows, projected on the cave’s walls. Outside, the reality of days hit by light (the child of Goodness) gets darker, grainier, misty. Art today is fragile, weakened by a pandemic, elbowed by the stream of news from the War in Ukraine, reduced to an expensive and renounceable commodity; art had to flee, take refuge, invade other spaces, non-spaces, meta-spaces.

VISUMS is a peek into two separate places in Cesis – the guard house of the former Cesu Beer Brewery and St. Anna Evangelical Lutheran Church – that have lost their function since years, abandoned and now unlocked to host works from 9 international artists. Two groups of artists, each spent a month in Cesis, at Rucka Artist Residency, during April and May 2022. They were given no theme, no task, nor were promised a final exhibition. Though, during their stay, they left their comfortable cave and went into the open, on exploration walks, digging in historical archives, looking for faces and meeting voices from the local community, with the curiosity of modern story-tellers. Seeking testimonies, learning about traditional beliefs and customs, giving form to seasons and turmoil, they part took in a constellation of question marks. After their findings, they came back to the darkroom, where chemicals react, light shines on a blank page, to reveal memories.

Residency 2021

A group of international artists spent spring 2021 living and working on the premises of Rucka Artist Residency where they contemplated on the history and daily life of Cesis, matters of ecology and natural resources, as well as the Rucka manor house and park as self-sufficient units. The fruits of the artists’ labour are now on display in an open-air exhibition Hidden Treasures.

The themes of the works reveal lesser known or neglected facts, and hidden treasures. Finding the pieces is an exciting adventure in itself, as they’re scattered throughout the park. Though located in the center of Cesis, Rucka park is still a little known gem worth discovering.

Residency 2018

In 2018 the following artists coming from a variety of spheres: film and photography, multimedia, performance, painting, comic arts, dance and street art spent one month at the residency supported by Rucka Artist Residency scholarships:

Residency 2016

In 2016 four Latvian artists stayed at Rucka Artist Residency as a part of the “Small Strategies” project funded by Vidzeme Culture Programme of the State Culture Capital Foundation (Latvia).