Sabīne Šnē (LV)

Flesh of the Earth, 2021

Earth – the planet we call home – is a multilayered and complex entity consisting of living and lifeless organisms. Soil is a rich natural resource which can be considered Earth’s living flesh and skin. It covers the bedrock, and the processes and interaction of substances within it make life possible. Fertile soil allows for growth, breathing, maturing and being.

Having embraced the 3D scanning technique, the piece features eight types of soil found in Cesis. They have been lifted from the Earth, painted in fleshy tones and placed on a material made from plastic polymers – substances, which are becoming ever more prevalent in the surrounding environment and starting to shape a new layer of the Earth’s flesh. This is a survey of the town and a portrait of the landscape, in which the loose skin of the planet replaces the streets and green hillocks of the old town.