Christopher Wittine (AT)

Industrial Decay/01 The picture was taken during one of the many walks in Cesis that I took every day. I discovered this beautiful color composition that shows the decay just outside, randomly. A good friend of mine who is a painter told me it was like a painting for him. For me this one photo […]

Lucas Riewe (DE)

Upwards Spirals, an expression of my recurring thoughts. Thoughts that always revolve around the same things. What’s next?

David Gabriel Moreno (USA)

Double Negative The novelty of a picture usually turns on the interaction of the things pictured. Objects, people, and places are evocative to the viewer. The photographer achieves this by choosing precisely where to point their camera, a deliberate choice to relate different things in a scene. Rather than an instant, a camera can combine […]

Alexandra Krolikowska (UA)

Here Comes The Sun In the Latvian mythology, the Sun deity becomes of central importance, and finds its manifestation in female form. Saule, a sun goddess in Latvia, for a long time before Christianization of the region was considered as a mother, which we can hear in the song “Saule, Pērkons, Daugava” (based on the […]

Anna Krieps (LU)

Lucy in the sky My photographic work concentrates on the transition from the intimate desire to the collective Dream and conversely, from the infinite small to the infinitely big. This project deals about the human relationship with the universe. The desire to know more about the infinite universe and to be able to leave this […]

Zoe Harodi (IL)

Through the Land of Pursuits My work process consists of “digging” in the essence of the photographic image and thereby rediscovering it and taking it to a new space and new conditions of appearance. I’m using the material as a tool for creating a sense of movement and gravity. My works deal with the question […]

Julia Forrest (USA)

Reminiscence Using film photography with no digital manipulation, I pose nymph like women in the landscape. By using mirrors, reflections, and forced perspective, I create an illusion in front of the lens. Although they misleadingly appear docile, it is obvious they possess a mysterious power to move the landscape at will.

Paola Favoino (IT)

WHITE BLOSSOMS “From 1940 to 1941, about 36.000 inhabitants of Latvia were persecuted for political reasons. From 1940 to 1956 Latvia lost 28%, or 565.000, of its people – by war, as refugees, due to repressions by the occupation powers, and deportations to the GULAG. The Soviet deportations were officially explained as important political acts […]

Victor Drouineau (FR)

The memory of water These photographs are both taken from the same series “The memory of water” made during two different residencies in Latvia, at two different times. The whole series is situated between narrative and documentary photography. From these images emerges something related to slowness, I realized the portraits of young Latvians with a […]