Tail Bend Travel (United Kingdom)

Established in 2016 by Sophie Mak-Schram and Rubie Green, Tail Bend Travel offers the casually curious traveler a walking experience like no other. Twisting together everything you might like to know about a place and more, Tail Bend will transform the way you view every turning.

Sophie Mak-Schram has a background in art history and curatorial projects. Her curatorial and performance work is concerned with experience and audience, and how the position of art and artists can be explored to alter these. Through time-based performances, site-specific installations and collaborative work, she seeks to create spaces (literal or not) that disrupt the regimented format art history can impose on interaction. 
She organizes an annual experimental exhibition, An Overheard Map of Now, which works as an art-version of Chinese whispers; artists take up short residencies where their brief is simply to respond to the work the previous artist created.

Rubie Green is a performance artist, sculptor and songstress. They are interested in how they might use writing, movement and music to navigate their identity, as someone who has a very fluid subjective sense of gender.
Recent shows include Foley at Muddy Yard, London, Rectangular Blue at Chalton Gallery, London, Pornceptual does about: Blank, Berlin and a headline performance at Metaphonica III, Central St. Martins.