Ulvi Haagensen (Estonia/Australia)

Ulvi Haagensen (Estonia/Australia) is a visual artist. She was born in Sydney, Australia and trained as a visual artist in Sydney. Now she lives and works in Tallinn, Estonia. Ulvi Haagensen has been exhibiting since 1990. Her work straddles the grey area between drawing, sculpture and illusion, and focuses on the everyday and the domestic.  Ulvi Haagensen has had a number of solo exhibitions and her work has been shown in Australia, Estonia, Korea, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia and Sweden. Most recent exhibitions have also included a performative aspect, where artist has drawn publically on the walls and floor of the gallery during the exhibition. Read more about the artist http://ulvihaagensen.weebly.com/  Photo – The Cleaner – drawing performance, Ronneby Kulturcentrum Konsthall, Sweden, 2015

During her residency Ulvi were continuing  her explorations into how a contemporary art practice can relate and connect to everyday life. At her work Ulvi’s looks at what happens when we cross the line between art and life. In her work she combines ordinary, everyday cleaning with video, performance and object-making to discover the embodied experiences of cleaning and art-making, the influence and impact of dirt and uncleanliness, the role of tools and the notion of the hand-made in both cleaning and art.  During her residency she has been making brooms and is working on films of herself dressed as a cleaner and sweeping with the new brooms. This work is part of her PhD in artistic research “The art of cleaning: crossing the line between art and life”, which she is undertaking at the Estonian Academy of Arts in Tallinn. The new video work will be presented next summer in  Rucka in the Screening session of Artworks created by A-I-R 2017.