Valentyn Odnoviun (Lithuania/Ukraine)

Valentyn Odnoviun (Lithuania/Ukraine) is photographer born in 1987 in Ukraine. Graduated from Vilnius Art Academy (Master of Photography). In 2014, he obtained a scholarship for studies in Lithuania from the Education Exchange Support Foundation. In 2015, he was selected to study at the Lodz Art Academy under the Erasmus programme. In 2016, he enrolled in the Art Criticism department of the Vilnius Art Academy. His works have been exhibited in Ukraine, Poland, Lithuania, Russia, New Zealand and USA. For the last four years, he has been living and working in Lithuania. The Surveillance project  win first place at the Debiutas 2016 award for Emerging Art Photographers, held by the Lithuanian Union of Art.

Valentyn Odnoviun about residency: “During the first month of stay at Rucka Artist Residency in Cesis, Latvia, I came across traces of Soviet period in this small city. I started to investigate the building where was located KGB prison. The aim for the project that I started to conduct about KGB prison in Cesis, Latvia is to create photographs that would be both documentary and subjective at the same time. They embody real traces of events, objects and memories, but they also serve as platforms for imagining these events, objects and memories in more interpretative form. With an “abstract” photograph, viewers play a bigger role in the reaction to it, and thus the creation of the image they see.”

05. – 24.09.2017. the photo exhibition “Surveillance” by Valentyn Odnoviun was on view at Cesis New Castle  barn exhibition hall. The project Surveillance presented  photographs of the walking yards and prison cell-door spy holes in former KGB headquarters in Riga, Latvia and in Cesis, created during artist stay in Rucka residency as well photographs from KGB buildings in other places as Vilnius, Lithuania; Lviv, Ukraine, known as Turma na Lonckoho [Prison on Lonsky] and the STASI Hohenschönhausen remand prison in Berlin, Germany. More about exhibition here.