Victor Drouineau (FR)

The memory of water

These photographs are both taken from the same series “The memory of water” made during two different residencies in Latvia, at two different times. The whole series is situated between narrative and documentary photography. From these images emerges something related to slowness, I realized the portraits of young Latvians with a process similar to landscape photography. This process includes shooting in a large 4×5 format, which implies posing in front of the subject and requires more time. Beyond this idea of slowness, my series of photographs questions not a relationship to identity but rather a quest for identity, between the desire of some young people to stay in Latvia and others who aspire only to move to larger European capitals. It is in this in-between that I chose to photograph the young people who question themselves, the landscapes that are shaped by the seasons and the importance of water and nature in general. The relationship that emerges could be described as neo-romantic, and it interests me in the current questioning of our relationship to nature. Not only in the idea of preserving it at all costs, but also of living in connection with it.