Viktorija Bernotaitė (Lithuania)

During the Autumn residency of 2020 Viktorija Bernotaitė worked on her photography series “Decay” (“Trūdi” in Latvian) inspired by Latvian cultural connection to nature. During this series Viktorija explores the importance of decay in the natural world and the beauty of it. Viktorija with the help of the medium of photography observed that “the beauty of nature comes from its independence, the ability to show that the world holds things other than us, which are just as interesting and important as we are. Nature has always been able to take care of herself as well as others. However, now we are trapped in this cultural idea that we have to fix everything, that the healthy forest is tidy and with green trees only. Unfortunately, deadwood and forest litter are not up to our beauty standards. But decay in the natural world is the key aspect of the cyclical processes that maintain all life on earth”. The exhibition of the photography series “Decay” was exhibited in Rucka Park in Cesis.