We are looking forward to hosting residents in 2017!


We are looking forward to welcome in Rucka recipients of sholarship of Nordic-Baltic Mobility programme – Ulvi Haagensen (Estonia/Australia), Zane Cerpina (Latvia/Norway) and Stahl Stenslie (Norway), Anna Sörenson(Sweden) and Daniel Rydh (Sweden), Valentyn Odnoviun (Lithuania/Ukraine) and recipients of scholarship of Rucka Artist Residency – Monika Zabel (Germany/ New York), Carol Müller (France), Jérémie Jung (France), Lilli Loge (Germany), Alan Gignoux (United Kingdom), Delphine Wibaux (France), Juanan Requena (Spain), Anne Murray (Spain), Zulema Galeano (Spain), and Jana Vasiljević (Belgium).


the-cleaner-drawing-performanceUlvi Haagensen (Estonia/Australia) is a visual artist. She was born in Sydney, Australia and trained as a visual artist in Sydney. Now she lives and works in Tallinn, Estonia. Ulvi Haagensen has been exhibiting since 1990. Her work straddles the grey area between drawing, sculpture and illusion, and focuses on the everyday and the domestic.  Ulvi Haagensen has had a number of solo exhibitions and her work has been shown in Australia, Estonia, Korea, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia and Sweden. Most recent exhibitions have also included a performative aspect, where artist has drawn publically on the walls and floor of the gallery during the exhibition. Read more about the artist http://ulvihaagensen.weebly.com/  Photo – The Cleaner – drawing performance, Ronneby Kulturcentrum Konsthall, Sweden, 2015


Zane Cerpina (Latvia/Norway) and Stahl Stenslie (Norway) –   “The Anthropocene Cookbook: eating for our future survival” is an artistic research project investigating the future cuisine of humanity. To sustain the soon-to-be 9 billion global population we cannot count on Mother Earth’s resources anymore. The project investigates the most innovative and speculative ideas about new foods within the field of arts, design, science & technology. The project rethinks our eating traditions, challenges food taboos and proposes new recipes for survival in times of dark-ecological catastrophes. This takes form of public food experiments, cooking performances and discussion evenings. The culmination of the project is an Anthropocene Feast in the Cesis Livonian castle where the public will be invited to eat the last dragon on the earth. Website: www.anthropocenecookbook.wordpress.com

Zane Cerpina (Norway/Latvia) is Oslo based artist working within emerging media, focusing on the themes of the Anthropocene, environmental awareness, ecological criticism, interactive technologies and embodied  experiences. She is educated in Art and Technology at Aalborg University, Denmark. She has recently presented her works and taken part in such international venues as ISEA (CA, HK), Dark Ecology (NO/RU), STRAND (RS), Bodily Matters Conference (UK). In 2016 she was an artist in residence at V2, Institute for Unstable Media in Rotterdam, Netherlands. She works as creative manager at PNEK (Production Network for Electronic Art, Norway) and an editor and designer at EE Experimental Emerging Art Norway – online and printed magazine. Read more about the artist – www.bezane.net

Stahl Stenslie (Norway) works as an artist, curator and researcher specializing in experimental media art, interactive experiences and disruptive technologies. His artworks challenge ordinary ways of perceiving the world. Through his practice he asks the questions we tend to avoid – or where the answers lie in the shadows of existence. Keywords of his practice are somaesthetics, unstable media, transgression and numinousness. The technological focus in his works is on the art of the recently possible – such as i) panhaptic communication on Smartphones, ii) somatic and immersive soundspaces, and iii)  open source, disruptive design for disruptive technologies such as  low cost 3D print of functional and lethal art-weaponry. He has a PhD on Touch and Technologies from The School of Architecture and Design, Oslo, Norway. Currently he is teaching and researching as a professor in Art & Technology at Aalborg University, Denmark. Read more about the artist – www.stenslie.net




Daniel Rydh / Anna Sörenson (Sweden)

unspecified-floating-object-no-2-second-location-tjornuvik-2016Daniel Rydh and Anna Sörenson have worked as an artist duo since 2014. Artists build site-specific installations centered on nature and architecture.  They create temporary installation in nature, a project  called ”Environmental Ephemerals”, and permanent installation both in commercial venues and public spaces. Artists  work site specific, looking for the characteristics of the milieu they are in, pursuing a method of aesthetic anthropology.

Daniel Rydh studied fine art at Hogeschool voor de Kunsten in Utrecht in The Netherlands and pedagogy at Umeå University in Sweden. Anna Sörenson received her BFA from Umeå Art Academy and MFA from Pratt Institute, New York, supported by her Fulbright Scholarship. In 2014 she graduated from a.pass, a yearlong post-master program in performance art in Brussels, Belgium. Rydh /Sörenson have been invited artists-in-residence in Bains Connective, Bryssel, Belgium, Laboratory Spokane, USA and Tjørnuvík Artist House in Faroe Islands.They have been exhibited in Ten Weyngaert, the gallery space in Commune de Forest’s culture center in Brussels, Saranac Art Projects in Spokane including a public installation for Window Dressing, Spokane. They have also showed works with Ed Varie in New York, USA, during NADA art fair. The upcoming shows in 2017 – “APOCALYPSE”, Ed Varie, Los Angeles and The Nordic House, Faroe Islands.  Read more  about artists http://danielrydh.com/ and http://annasorenson.se/Photo – Unspecified Floating Object, no 2, second location Tjørnuvik, 2016.


Valentyn Odnoviun (Lithuania/Ukraine)

Valentyn Odnoviun  is an artist in the field of photography from Ukraine, but for the last years living in Vilnius, Lithuania. Lately his researches mostly linked with historical or socially engaged events and problems, through the „abstract” looking image he is working with imagination of the viewer to create more concrete communication with the help of interpretation and conceptual thinking. In 2016 he was shortlisted for „BALTIC YOUNG ARTIST AWARD 2016”. With the project “Surveillance” Valentyn Odnoviun has got the first place at the “Debiutas 2016” award for the Emerging Art Photographers held by Union of Lithuanian Art Photographers. Also,as a cancer survivor he has held projects in support of children with cancer in Ukraine. Read more – www. http://www.odnoviun.com/. Photo – ” Prison Cell Door Spy Hole. KGB Prison, Cesis, Latvia”






Delphine Wibaux (France)

Delphine creates pictures with plant juice, which are revealed when exposed to the sun for several days. She calls these natural, alternative photographs “Absorptions”. The image appears thanks to a negative film set on a sheet of paper covered in photosensitive juice, which she makes grom plants and weeds. Once revealed, the image keeps evolving depending on its exposure to sunlight: it follows its own life cycle. The evolution of the “Absorption” is precious : each day, it compels us to reconsider the way we look and what we see. Delphine Wibaux has graduated Fine art school of Marseille (2014) and participated in exhibitions in France and China. Read more about the artist http://www.delphinewibaux.fr/

Photo – “Absorption of the place that makes Alice soul clearer”






Monika Zabel  (Germany/New York)

Monika currently works as an artist between Europe and New York, positioning her work between art and fashion.  She is the founder and owner of crossxculture consulting. She has more than 20 years of international working experience as a management consultant and policy advisor in over 50 countries, for both, corporates and public clients. Her main practice areas are intercultural management and monitoring and evaluation (M&E). Monika has received PhD in Energy and Resource Economics from Technical University of Berlin with a thesis on resource economics. More recently sustainable fashion is becoming another focal practice.  She is graduate of Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT), New York, from the recently introduced Sustainable Design Entrepreneurs Programme with focus on fashion design. She is conducting workshops in designing and reconstruction fashion based on second source materials in the US, France and Germany. With her label „Fine Clothing Reconstructed“ she has participated in fashion shows and global fashion awards. In 2015 she has concluded a self test „99 days of beautiful fashion outfits composed of abandoned sources“ to make a statement for a more conscious and sustainable use of resources in the fashion industry. In 2016 Monika was the artist-in-residence at Poolhaus – Blankenese, Hamburg where she was a curator for „Art of Fashion – Arbeiten aus New York, Prag und Hongkong. An exhibition, discussion, workshop and fashion showing“. Read more about artist projects – http://www.facebook.com/fineclothingreconstructed   Photo and Fashion: Monika Zabel. Exhibition : Art of Fashion. 



Jérémie Jung (France)

Jérémie Jung lives and works in Paris. He holds a bachelor from Strasbourg Fine Art University (France, 2002). After being a web and graphic designer, Jérémie Jung follows a photojournalism training at the EMI-CFD school (Paris, 2010) where he produces its first photo essay entitled “Roof Investigations” awarded at the “Nuits Photographiques” festival (Paris, 2011). He works since 2011 as photojournalist for the french and international press and magazines. Jérémie Jung’s personal work focuses on cultural issues about communities in Estonia within the context of post-sovietism era. His works have been exhibited and screened in France (Arles, Vannes and Paris) and Estonia (Estonian National Museum, 2015). He is a member of Signatures agency since 2013.

In Rucka Residency he would like to work with the young detainees from Cesis Juvenile Detention Centre. Photographer is planning to organize workshops about basic in photography and storytelling.  Afterwards both the artist and participants of workshop  would document their daily life in Juvenile Detention Centre. Read more about the artist – http://www.jeremie.eu/ Photo – J.Jung “Village party. Saatse, Estonia, 2014”


Carol Müller (France)

Carol Müller is a visual artist from France. In her artist statment she writes : « Obsessively bound to painting and its synthetic expression, my path as a french visual artist has developed in dialogue with numerous other disciplines. My artistic production is polymorphous; it encompasses drawing and photography as well as installation and new media (video, multimedia installation). Through many artist residency in the north of Europe (Iceland, Norway, Finland, Lithuania, Russia), in quite remote area, I develop a conscientiousness of fragile ecosystem and human challenge. The question of the landscape is the ground of my artistic thought ».  She studied fine art at Strasbourg university, graphic design at École Multimedia and Photography at École Supérieure de l’image, Les Gobelins. Read more about the artistwww.carolmuller.fr

Alan  Gignoux (Great Britain)

Alan Gignoux is a multimedia artist that uses portrait and abstract photography, video and sound (interviews) to allow people to bring awareness to socio political and environmental issues. Artist says : „My work has not brought a landslide of change but has changed perceptions, person-by-person; community-by-community that could bring about that landslide”. Alan Gignoux has been working as a professional documentary photographer since 2000 and prior to that as a documentary researcher and journalist. Demonstrating a commitment to recording the effects of occupation and displacement on individual communities in different parts of the world, including the Middle East, North Africa and Canada, through long-term photographic projects. Best known body of work, Homeland Lost, is a series of photo essays looking at long-term refugee situations throughout the world. The first in the series looks at the Palestinian situation and has been exhibited extensively in the Middle East and Europe, including the Barbican, London and the Tropenmuseum, Amsterdam as part of the group exhibition “Palestine 1948: Remembering a Past Homeland.” Born in the United States, Alan lives and works in London. Read more about the artist – www.gignouxphotos.com


Zulema Galeano (Spain)

Zulema Galeano is a visual artist based in Barcelona.  Working predominantly in illustration formats, her work ranges from children book to editorial or personal illustrations. She has worked both internationally and for spanish editorials. She has studied Illustration in La Llotja Arts School and Fine Arts at the University of Barcelona with the specialty of painting. From 2005 her work has been shown in group and solo shows in China Children’s Book Expo (Beijing), in American Prints, La Sala Vinçon, FADFEST, MOB Barcelona,  LLeida (Centre of Culture Contemporània de Pardinyes) Pontevedra (La Verbena), Lugo (Chantada’s Culture House) and Huesca (Estoesloquehay Festival). Read more about the artist – www.zulemagaleano.com




Anne Murray (Spain)

Anne Murray is an American and Irish artist living in Europe. Her work manifests itself in photography, video, and writing.  During the few past years artist has been working to develop video poetry as a way of organizing her thoughts and experiences, through the unique process of wordplay and image. Each video is a reference to a mental landscape, a world within, which is unseen, but has depth and makes reference to the important process of metacognition.   She has made 35 of these video poetry works over the past 2 years in many countries including: Turkey, Italy, Spain, France, Serbia, Hungary, Iceland, and Macedonia.  Read more about the artist – www.annemurrayartist.com

Juanan Requena (Spain)

Juanan   Requena  is a creator, photographer & crafter currently based in Nauchipán,  in Spain. Through the last ten years he is involved into field of photography and visual narrative. He has been making a kind of non-stop works based upon the building of personal diaries and also unique artist books. After producing numerous diaries and countless sketches, thousands of combinations of words and images, last year was published his first book entitled ” On the Edge of All Maps “. Read more about the artist www.nodetenerse.com


Jana Vasiljević (Belgia/Serbia)

Jana Vasiljević is an ilustrator and comic artist. She grew up in Belgrade in 90’s and currently lives in Ghent (Belgia). She has got MA in Fine Arts  and Teachers degree in Arts at LUCA School of Arts in Gent. She is co-founder and editor at the comics collective and small-press publishing house Tieten Met Haar which publishes and promotes emerging artists in Belgia and abroad. After a few years of making work around family history, shooter games, war and love, the artist is working now on graphic novel about the war telling the story about how it is experienced by a child’s mind and how it is translated into different fears and anxieties, those understood by child. Black lines filled with a sense of humor. Read more about the artist – http://artinjars.tumblr.com/





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