Zulema Galeano (Spain)

Zulema Galeano, visual artist (Born in Barcelona). Her interests are related to art since she is a little girl. She has studied Advertisement and Public Relations at the University Autonomous of Barcelona, Illustration in La Llotja Arts School and Fine Arts at the University of Barcelona, with specialty in painting. She has published several children books and is a collaborator of magazines and newspapers. Also she participates in group or solo exhibitions.

Her work evolves around the past, the unconscious and women’s femininity. Also she loves to provoke reflections about the state of physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. www.zulemagaleano.com

During her residency Zulema was working on project “FLY. Endangered birds and human immigration in Latvia”. Fly is an approach of immigration movements. In that crucial moments that we are living about country divisions, the emergence of new borders, walls, wars, country threads and at the very end a certainly bitter discontent about immigrants, animals are suffering in the same way, as a cost of the climate change.

When someone takes the hard decision of immigration there is a little hope that things will change. I would like to offer to both a good travel companion. Humans and birds.

The visual work is mainly portraits of people that I have meet in Latvia and have moved from foreign countries and local birds in an endangered situation.